Everyone has a great possibility and opportunity to make a good place on our earth

After we left Minqing, we walked over 280km for 16 days and finally we arrived in Wuyishan on 30th of January.
Journey to Wuyishang was so rugged such as walking over 30km a day,walking through dark and long railroad tunnel,
walking all day long on the driving rain,seeing polluted environment.
However Fujian Normal University students never gave up and walked to wuyishan as they raised blister on their feet.
That is great thing and worthy of reverence.
For these students, wuyishan city gave a wonderful gift. Yes that is the tree planting at World’s natural and cutural heritages.
This tree planting is a result of the participation and efforts of these wonderful students and all the other people who are helping the Green Olympics Walk to be a success.
This planting a tree was very meaningful for our Fuzhou friends.
Through this walking and planting a tree,they had a great experience and learned a lots of thigs.
Now they started to make a good place for their communities.
I want to thank them and to do honor to them.
I want to say to everyone that everybody has a possibility and opportunity to make a good place our planet.