In China there are 3 types of pollution

Since I arrived in China,I walked over 550km and I’ve seen lots of beautiful scenery and pollution. So at this time I would like to tell everyone, "What’s going on our earth discovered through my walking in China."

One of the pollution problems is Garbage. Walking in China I see lots of garbage all over the place, such as roads, rivers, everywhere. People in rural areas just throw the garbage anywhere and burn it. (Even deep in the mountains lots of garbage has been casually dumped). Why do people dump like this? The people don’t seem to know that garbage, and the burning of garbage pollutes the atmosphere, rivers, everything, including themselves.
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Pollution created by rapid development
Pollution problems are also created by fast development. Large city areas are not too bad, even though there are crowds of people and lots of cars and motorbikes making tremenous noise which makes me mad. However the major problems seem to be in the country side and suburban areas where there are lots of factories and construction. People are rapidly growing wealthier and are developing their cities and infrastructure at an extremely rapid pace, making high ways, clearing the forests and excavating the land, leaving hillsides oblitarated and a tragic eye sore.
This development is leading the world to hell; factories pour black smoke into the air and drain industrial waste into the rivers, and people destroy their environment further, by burning garbage and dumping human wastes into the waterways. For Chinese people now the most important thing is at the moment is development. The rush to make money has created huge problems.
Lack of purification plants
The third major type of pollution is the lack of water purification plants. I have only seen one purification plant in China and that was in a region much visited by foreign tourists. In most paces the garbage, industrial wastes, sewage etc., drain directly into the river. For that reason the rivers are rotten, smell like unclean toilets and the colour is usually black or dead. For a pictorial example of this you can see my blog titled "no more pigs".
Chinese people are living in this polluted enviroment. They have no choice but to use dirty water and raise crops by using that water. People need to be informed about this situation and need to understand what is good and what is bad for our environment. Once they know what’s good or bad then they can make the proper choices. If people understand that they are slowly being poisoned, either by themselves or by local corporations then they will be able to recitfy the situation. Undoubtably education is a most important aspect of protecting the environment and the health of the people.
Through 2 months walking I have met wonderful and kind Chinese people. They are trying to make their world a better place. People like these are the great hope for China and I hope through my walking and planting trees I will be able to help more people understand the environmental problems that we all face.