Planting a tree in Jangyang.

After 5days of walking in a rainy days, we arrived in Jangyang.
We were very very tired to walk in rainy days.
During walking in rain, few problems were happened,fortunately,we could arrived in this town.
In this place there were some surprising present for us again which we could plant a tree in a MPA tech-collage.
We went to the collage to talk our movement for teachers and students.This season normaly school is closed, but lots of teachers and
students came to hear our movement. That thigs drove our fatigue away.
Everybody were interested in Paul’s storys and this movement,and finaly one girl walked with us from Jangyang to next city.
Through this movement, I affirm that we could influence a lots of local people again.
These local Chinese people’s small acton give us a power and corage to do our movement.