21th of January 2008 Planting Tree in Nanping

After 6 days of 130km hard walking we arrived in Nanping, 
That day we just thought that we took a day off and had a rest,
but surddenly journalist appeared at our hotel. The journalist had met the students
at the local orphanage when she came to do a story. They were giving gifts and speaking to the children
(All the students have been rescued from orphanages by Jean) and told her of our walk and she was so
interested that she followed them to the hotel. We talked about a lots of things such as our movement
the polluted river which we saw the black river during walking to Nanping, necessity of local peoples understanding
for our enviroment,and possible of local peoples action for our enviroment.
The Journalist seem to be impressed by Paul, and prepared to Planting a tree in Nanping.
It was happened just 30 minits,we were surprised about expeditious action of the journalist.
We went to the Nanping Riverside Park, and planting a tea tree in front of many spectator and TV crew.
This time was 3rd time to planting a tree in China and I was very happy that I could planting a tree with
lots of Chinese people.
DSC04366( 3 days later our planting a tree were appeared in Minbei Newspaper)