15th of January 2008 Planting a tree with new Chinese members.

On 15th of January, we walked about 60km from Fuzhou,and arrived Minqing.
In Minqing, there were big present which is a tree from the local director of China’s forestry division.
We were very surprised and happy about the present.
Therefore,this tree has a big meaning for Minqing that the first of 230,000 to be
planted by the department this year in the new ‘Greening Minqing" campaign.
Another surprising things was participatin of new Chinese members.
(3 Chinese people is still student in Fujian shifan Univesity,and they will walk from Minqing to Wuyishang.)
That is the first time to join earthwalker’s movement of Chinese peple.
This mean that we could influence Chinese local people.
This was the good news for our movement too.
We went to middle school in the district capital of Minqing and planted a tree with new members.
Then we started to walk to Nanping