No more Pigs!!

After minqing, Going on 6days. Now only 3 people members has increased to 6 members.
(4 New Chinese members joined earthwalker’s movement. They will walk from Namping to Wuyishan.)
First time When I joined this movement, I was not sure that I could encourage and influence to local people
,but through Planting a tree,geting interviews in Fuzhou and participation of Chinese new members, planting a tree
 in Mingqing, I realized that I could influence local people to be interested in our emviroment.
This is a big deal for me and I am very happy about these things.
Recently we walked 130km from Minqing to Namping.
Firat 3days we could enjoy walking through beautiful scenery, such as mountain scene and shore.
Though After that we witness the enviroment problems of China again.
When we walked in the heart of the mountains, we saw a polluted black river.
I was very surprised that I could smell that polluted river smell, even if we walked far from the river.
I didnt know what was the ploblems of this river.
However I could know that problems from pig farms.
From pig farms, a lots of sewages and pig bloods drain into the river without filtration plant,
and lots of dead pigs were thrown away into the river.
Around enviroment had influence by this pollution.
Can you image this scenery? It was hell.
Seeing this enviroment,I felt again that Chinese enviroment ploblems is not only from industrial things.
The problem is from local area.Therefore I realized that we have to educate these local areas peoples.
I hope that chinese people whom joined earthwalker’s movement fully realized the depth of chinese enviroment
ploblems and do some action on their community.