Reality of China

Today I walked Yuxi to Hougle which is in Fuqing Shi.
It just 12kms or more, but I saw a lots of things in this walk.
Everybody how do you think about China?
Somebody think that there are a lots of beautiful nature in China.
That is true things I think, but on the other hand, there are lots of pollution and problems In this country.
Today I want to show you what going on in China.
When I walked on the Big street, there were lots of rubbish and air was dusty,
and every 10minits, I could excrement smell.
Can you imagin this things? It is worst. However that is rial things.
Todays most memorable things is dirty river, I saw a unincredible view at the dirty river.
There are lots of rubbish and,dead pigs and dogs,but on the riverbank, people browse ther ducks on the river,
and one of the ducks owner did a fishing which is illegal electric shock fishing.
When I saw this view,I could believe this view.
They dont  know whats going on this river and they dont know how the river is durty.
I though that we have to educate these poverty people to what is good for our earth and
what is bad for our earth.
This is the first walking in China, but that is very very impressible memories all my life.
I will show you more things on this movement. And I want somebody realize to do something for our earth.