Fiirst step of my great movement.

26th of December 2007, I arrived in China.
I am very impressed by Chinese peoples kindness.
In Airport, Chinese Gentleman whom name is Chen Xiu Jun
helped me to change the domestic airline and tought me a lots of things.
And when I went some tea shop next to my staying hotel,
I just want to buy some drinks but this shop’s owner invited me a tea party.
This shop’s tea was very good smell and great tast, so I drunk a lots of tea.
Tea owner and his friend is so kind and give me a great tea for me.
I would like to thank for these Chinese people.
Thank you very very much!! I hope to meet you again.
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This time I would like to tell about my aim that came to China,
and my motive to do saving our earth.
When I was a Child, I saw some news of the ozone hole.
Since that time, I was interested in the earth’s environment.
I studied the environment and pollution ploblems, economics and politics at University.
Later I went to South Korea to study the Korean language, because I thought that it would be useful to speak three languages or more.
I studied Korean. Now I am entered into Yonsei Post Graduate School.
Through these experiences and my experience of living and traveling in foreign countries (such as Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Indonesia, and Europe) I’ve become strongly disappointed at human beings ignoring the earth’s environment.
Now everybody knows a lot about pollution, especially about the warming of the earth, but they don’t know how to save our earth.
Therefore I want to walk and plant trees and assist in raising environmental awareness and educating people on what we can do for our earth.
I am now about to walk through China with the Earthwalker, and it is my honor to join his movement.
Through his movement, I want to try to speak on the environmental problems we face to everybody (political, business and famous people as well as the common man) and to change the world’s thinking on our environment. My first goal is to arrive in Beijing, China, When I arrive in Beijing on my legs,
I affirm that I wish to plant a tree with President Hu Jintao.
If we can do this then we can assist in the promotion of the environmental solutions, and the world can progress a step for saving earth.
My aim is to change this material world to an ecological world.
Please look at your living enviroment,and Lets do some action to make a good place.
Thank you!
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