Through Taibi Kahler Process Communication Seminar

Last week I took some seminar which called PCM(Process Communication Model)Basic Seminar.
There were 15 different kind of business men and women as bank clerk, insurance salesman, and nouse came to take this seminar.
They want to communicate more naturaly with another people which is a ccontract company’s business man or company’s sperior and junior partner.
In fact they want to make a good relationship with another people. Why they want to make a good relationship with another people?
There are a answer of this quetion.
Nowadays in society, human relations have been broken through sudden change the world
like a family or relationship between company,or teacher and student. What’s happened on these relations?
I want to talk about these problem conceretely.
Firstly I want to take about the problems of this family. I think this relationship would be conected with all kind of relationship probrems.
Many years ago, The form of family was completely different between present family. There were 3 or more generations lived with in one house.
And children had a lots of brother and sister. Families were closer than now.They always helped each other and they could tell most thing for families
not only family but also neighbor. there still had a humanity in this age.
But nowadays these culture have been lost. Just 2 generations live together.They have a meal personaly,and they can’t talk anything,
even if they have some problem. Why? because they dont have enough time to take care of each other, and they dont know how to communicate each other. In addition they have stress and they can’t control themselvs. Therefore they have commited and broke relationship.
The cause is decrease of communication through distruction of the family. Families have to be close and talk everything.
However they can’t talk, ofcouse they can’t make a good relationship with another people.
What do we have to do now? first of all we have to make a time to talk with each other.
And secondely we have to know how to communicate and other peoples thinking.
I think Taibi Kahlaer process communication is very useful for this thing.
Through the seminar I realised people have a different kind of personality and I Knew the personality through the words,action,and everything.
I want to study more and make a good relationship with other as make use of skill.