Kahler Communications

Taibi Kahler Associates, Inc. (TKA) is an international communications, consulting, training, and assessment company which owns the rights to the Process Communication Model (PCM), a non-clinical, language-based personality assessment and management methodology.

In the United States, TKA has licensed the rights to PCM to its affiliate, Kahler Communications, Inc. (KCI), which is responsible for all domestic, operational matters relating to PCM, including distribution of training and consulting materials, certification and regulation of PCM trainers and processing of assessments. Visit our U.S. Trainers page for a list of all KCI certified trainers in the United States.

Outside of the United States, TKA has established a network of organizations and certified trainers to provide PCM consulting and training to persons and businesses within their geographies. Please visit our International Associates page if you are located in Japan or Europe. Please contact either one of our Independent Certified Trainers or us directly for services in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico or any area outside the U.S. or one of these listed geographies.

We have developed a number of specialized applications and unique training materials to target PCM training and consulting to the particular needs and operations of certain professions and organizations. We have granted the trainers who worked with us in creating these applications and materials the exclusive rights to use them for PCM training. In each case, they are singularly qualified and trained to serve the needs of these clients. If your organization falls within one of these special areas and you wish to arrange for PCM training or consulting, or if you are a PCM trainer with an opportunity with one of these professions or organizations, please contact the trainer identified below.
These are: